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Viral Transport Medium

Suppliers of Viral Transport Medium and Personal Protective Equipment for Labs and Others

When taking samples from patients for diagnosis of COVID-19, you need a viral transport medium to send the swabs for lab testing. Properly prepared, a trustworthy medium will preserve the sample throughout the transport process, ensuring the most accurate diagnosis.

At CurexLab Inc., we have lab-grade supplies including a viral transport medium. We only distribute our products to labs, hospitals, and clinics, not to individuals. This requirement ensures that the labs who work with us get the best bulk deals possible. We can ensure the reliability of our viral transport medium products without significantly increasing costs.

For our viral transport medium, we use the guidelines established by the CDC. These guidelines ensure that the medium we distribute will properly preserve viral matter on the samples preserved in the medium. Feel free to contact us at CurexLab Inc. for more information about our lab products, their production, or quality. We want to fulfill your lab's needs for meeting the demands put forth by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Like viral transport medium, personal protective equipment, such as masks, has increased in difficulty to locate for both medical facilities and labs. Luckily, we have the PPE you need for your staff at CurexLab Inc.

The personal protective equipment that we have depends on availability. If you require a stock of PPE for your lab, hospital, clinic, or similar facility, contact us at CurexLab Inc. We can let you know about our available stock and work to get you the masks and other personal protective equipment that you need.

By forming partnerships with labs, we can assist the facilities in acquiring the PPE and other supplies needed the most.

Like you, we strive toward a goal of helping to save lives. You do the work of testing and more while we provide your facilities with the lab equipment and supplies you need to get your job done. Trust us at CurexLab Inc. to become your partner for acquiring supplies, personal protective equipment, and more during this difficult time and in the future.

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