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Three-Ply Face Mask

Yes, CurexLab Inc. Has PPE Supplies Including KN95 Mask and Three-Ply Face Mask Products

While getting an N95 mask is difficult, due to supply strains, you can find the alternative of a KN95 mask here at CurexLab Inc. A KN95 mask meets similar standards to an N95 model.

In fact, the KN95 mask meets Chinese standards similar to those of the United States' N95. For instance, the number in both of the standards refer to the action of the mask to be at least 95% efficient. The KN95 masks that we offer also meet the European FFP2 standards, which require at least 94% or greater efficiency. Therefore, if your facility requires FFP2 or KN95 masks for protection against COVID-19 exposure, our face coverings will fulfill the requirements.

Having the right disposable face masks can save lives. However, due to their disposable nature, you must also provide large quantities to your staff to avoid cross-contamination from reusing masks. Partner with CurexLab Inc if you need to fulfill your facility's needs for KN95 masks.

In addition to the high-performing KN95 facemasks, we also offer three-ply face masks for standard protection in general public situations. While a KN95 mask will protect the wearer in the presence of someone with an active case of COVID, not everyone needs this type of protection. For instance, anyone who works with the general public but not directly with patients may only need a three-ply face mask.

A three-ply face mask does not provide a high level of filtration needed by those caring for the infected. However, wearing one can protect a person who maintains social distances. This type of mask works well for many lab workers who may need to protect their faces during work.

Like other types of masks, a three-ply face mask can pair with a face shield for added protection. You can find both types of PPE at CurexLab Inc along with protection for hands, body, and eyes. Keep your lab well stocked with our help. Contact us today to start a partnership in equipment acquisition for your facility.

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