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RT-PCR Test Kits

Reliable RT-PCR Test Kits and Antigen Test Kits to Screen for COVID-19 Carriers

For facilities such as hospitals and clinics that require testing for COVID-19 cases, we have both RT-PCT test kits and antigen test kits. Both work well enough for large-scale testing, however, depending on your facility's requirements for testing, you may prefer to order one or the other.

First, RT-PCR test kits are the gold standard for identifying cases of current COVID-19 infection, making them a preferred option for hospitals and other healthcare facilities. For instance, those who must stay in the hospital for any reason must have the most accurate results to determine if they require isolation during their stay. In such instances, RT-PCR test kits are a suitable option for finding active COVID-19 cases.

Unfortunately, some kits may require sending the samples to a lab for the most accurate results. Those that attain results on-site may not have the same level of accuracy. Also, these tests have a premium value compared to the more economical antigen test kits.

One way to balance accuracy and economy is by using both types of kits. Some facilities may use antigen test kits for the majority of patients. These kits offer fast results and good accuracy for positive results. However, false-negative results may appear when using antigen test kits.

Patients with negative results from an antigen test may need an RT-PCR test to verify the accuracy of the results of the first test. Secondary testing is especially important for those who had close contact with someone with an active COVID infection or have symptoms of the novel coronavirus.

Stocking your facility with both antigen test kits and RT-PCR test kits offers a range of options for attaining the greatest accuracy in finding active COVID-19 cases.

If you need either RT-PCR test kits or antigen test kits, submit a request to us at CurexLab Inc. You can also get antibody tests and other lab equipment and supplies to fulfill the extra requirements your facility has during this pandemic.

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