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Lab Testing Kits

Swab Test and Lab Testing Kits for Hospitals, Clinics, and More

CurexLab Inc. works only with hospitals, labs, clinics, and similar facilities to ensure that medical professionals and researchers have the equipment and supplies they need. Among the supplies that we have available are lab testing kits and swab tests.

Many tests, such as PCR tests require lab evaluation to determine the results. We have lab testing kits that will help you to evaluate the samples sent to your facility. By using the high standard PCR test kits, you can offer accurate results to your own patients or those of a facility that sends you its samples.

If your facility requires sampling equipment, we also have that. For instance, we have a viral transport medium for keeping samples intact during transit. Additionally, we have antibody rapid test kits that can offer results from a sample in minutes, eliminating the need for sending blood to a lab.

Whether your lab is an off-site facility dedicated to testing or a clinic that needs fast results for its patients, you can find lab testing kits to find active or recovered COVID-19 cases from our site.

A swab test can be either an antigen test or a PCR test. The differences depend on the process the sample undergoes after it is taken. For instance, both types of tests can use throat or nasal swabs for samples, but the results have different time frames to get.

If your facility needs to order a type of swab test, let us know your budget and testing requirements. You may need faster antigen tests. Since antigen tests can give negative results to active COVID-19 carriers, you may also need to get RT-PCR tests for a few individuals who tested negative with an antigen test but have a high likelihood of carrying COVID-19.

Some facilities require tests that give the most accurate results for both positive and negative cases. If this applies to your site, an RT-PCR test is your swab test of choice.

Whichever type of swab test your facility needs, trust CurexLab Inc. to help you to get the number of kits that you need.

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