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Antibody Test Kits

Antibody Test Kits and Antibody Rapid Test Kits for COVID-19 Evaluation

Many facilities test for antibodies to determine whether a patient has had COVID-19 in the past. Some locations have had problems acquiring all forms of COVID tests, including antibody test kits. Let us know if you need antibody test kits, particularly rapid models, for identifying prior cases.

Our antibody test kits look for both types of immune markers, early and late. By testing for both, these test kits can attain higher accuracy in results.

While using PCR test kits to find current infections is crucial for preventing the spread of COVID-19, antibody test kits have an equally critical role for those who track the disease. By knowing where populations have people who have recovered from COVID-19, as detected by antibody tests, researchers can be more accurate in estimating infection rates and where the disease spreads.

If your facility requires antibody test kits, CurexLab Inc. will help you to get them. Additionally, you can find PCR test kits and other supplies.

The IgM/IgG kits that we have are antibody rapid test kits. Unlike other forms of tests, these produce results in just 15 minutes. Therefore, patients can know before leaving the results of their antibody test.

Keep in mind, that if testing patients directly, that the results of an antibody test are not the same as an antigen test. Consider counseling the patient to get a PCR test if they have a negative antibody result and experienced exposure to COVID-19.

Antibody rapid test kits should augment current testing that looks for active cases. Since the patient already needs to provide a sample for a PCR test, conducting an antibody test at the same time will give a more thorough picture of the case. Those with negative results from diagnostic tests and serology tests do not have active cases nor recovered from the virus. Thus, they need to take additional precautions to avoid catching and spreading the disease to others.

For information on the accuracy and sensitivity of our antibody rapid test kits, contact us at CurexLab, Inc.

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